Yianni Stamas Examines the Link Between Date Nut Bread and Online Marketing

More than Fun and Funny?

Some folks in America will celebrate today, December 22, National Date Nut Bread Day which is a time of giving props to the tasty combination of dates, which are high in potassium, in tandem with nuts (especially almonds and walnuts) that are a source of Vitamin E and B2. Several studies have shown that date and nut eaters can be less likely to get CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). So maybe there is something noble about this December 22nd holiday beyond just being fun and funny.

DIY Digi Day?

And there are those who are emphatic that today is also “National DIY Digi Day,” meaning the acknowledgement that it sometimes makes sense for individuals to do Digital Marketing themselves (DIY0. Digital Marketing is a heading an under which there are various specialty promotional arts such as Online Marketing.

What Does this Have to do with a Date Nut Bread Day?

Online Marketing means any marketing that is done online. Whereas Digital Marketing includes marketing that is digital yet not necessarily online such as digital signs and billboards which are usually viewed in an offline or outside environment. Also, Online Marketing can sometimes have the mission to make a difference. Making a difference is something that our friends at “USA Make a Difference” take very seriously.