Steps to Create

Steps to Create a Title and Written Content for a Digital Information Product Based on Your Expertise that is Worthy of a Spotlight

Know Thy Audience

It is assumed you know who your niche audience is. These are members of your selected persona consisting of people most likely be interested in the kinds of products and services you offer.

Beginning at the Beginning

Let’s say you wanted to create some content for a particular domain name. For the sake of this demonstration, we will use the domain name of the site that you are currently on.:


That Said, Let’s Enter from Offstage Left then Go to Downstage Center!

Because of the long length of the domain name, we decided that our final title would only contain just “Online Marketing.”

“Online Marketing” is now plugged into the search box of a video site, which is followed with hitting the spacebar after the word.

Next, you have available to you “a” through “z” to type in. Each instance of typing in a letter will cause keywords to appear in a pull-down. The selection given is based on what letter is typed in.

In our case, after just typing in “a” we got an idea right away. Among the results in a particular string we saw a word we wanted to use. It was “Branding.”

This in turn lead to us thinking about what the outcome was that we hoped for if someone did the steps. We knew what we wanted for the person doing the searching was that they achieve getting “Sales.”

Hence, at this point we had two words, “Sales” and “Branding” between which we sandwiched “through” causing the outcome to be “Sales through Branding.”

Now all we had to do was type in “Online Marketing” followed by “Sales through Branding” and finally adding to the front “Steps to Create.” The final title generated was:

“Steps to Create Online Marketing Sales through Branding.”

Now that you have a suitable work-in-progress title, all you need to do is have that title inspire an outline of what your written content is to be about. It could be as simple as this:

Introduce a problem that your audience has but for which no one has been able to come up with a worthy solution.

Introduce your solution in the form of your products or services.

Make the sale of the product/service and repeat.

And finally, a question. After following along with these “Steps to Create” is the result you have created up to par with being something your audience will find worthy of a spotlight?!