Do You Want to Start a Video Channel?

An option you have when doing online marketing for your business or entrepreneurial project, is to establish a video channel. When you have your own channel, you have many different options and configurations.

You can be an onscreen talent, the creator, the face they know. Or even be very private, maybe not even doing voice overs but leave that to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) as many creators do at present online.

If you listen carefully next time, you watch a video on someone else’s channel, and sometimes you will detect that they are using A.I. themselves generally done text to voice. How do you gain an online audience for your channel if you decide to start one?

 The answer to this question is to do it gradually and consistently. In some ways it is a catch 22, but in general if you produce an eleven-minute video each day and it has content in it that is of value to others, over time you will have others join your channel.

And if they watch your videos in their entirety, this also helps. In short, there are a list of things you need to do. First to establish the channel on a video site with lots of users. Next, start producing videos that are longer than ten minutes and can hold the interest of your viewers.

 How do you keep people watching your videos? In short, if you have the information or entertainment they want, you will be more successful, During the taping of your videos you can let them know upfront that they will only get important questions answered by watching your video all the way through.

And although it is nice to have good editing, music and graphics, there are a lot of video channel success stories that have primitive production values but the content is compelling and this is what keeps them watching.

You must be providing what the viewer considers to be value. Put yourself in the position of those watching your videos. Would you be intrigued enough by your own video, would you watch it from start to finish?

To put it bluntly, you must have information in your videos that your target demographic wants, needs and desires. The easiest way to do this is if you have an expertise that will fill the content of your videos.

Or maybe you know an expert, or this being the age of Zoom, Facetime and video podcasts, there is a lot of free technology out there that you can use to do interviews of experts, with them being visible and heard from just about everywhere.

And it is important to remember that your video channel will likely not be an overnight success. You must keep going and going and going. You can also use social media and other strategies to help with the job of getting people to your channel.

Additionally, you can appear on other people’s channels to promote yours. Generally, the word is that initially you will have the best luck getting participations from others who are just starting their own channels just like you.

 Plus, you need to have a topic that is compatible with yours. Also, if your videos when watched by others have lots of value to them, they might even join your channel. You have to tell them what is in it for them. What do they get out of watching?

And possibly most importantly is that the longer you keep viewers watching your videos, the faster you will build an audience. And if you keep up the momentum without getting discouraged, eventually you stand a chance of getting commercial sponsors.

Plus, if you are very interested in the topics of your video, this will help you with developing good content. Who knows, you might even learn new things about your field that can contribute to your motivation.


Yianni Stamas Examines the Link Between Date Nut Bread and Online Marketing

More than Fun and Funny?

Some folks in America will celebrate today, December 22, National Date Nut Bread Day which is a time of giving props to the tasty combination of dates, which are high in potassium, in tandem with nuts (especially almonds and walnuts) that are a source of Vitamin E and B2. Several studies have shown that date and nut eaters can be less likely to get CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). So maybe there is something noble about this December 22nd holiday beyond just being fun and funny.

DIY Digi Day?

And there are those who are emphatic that today is also “National DIY Digi Day,” meaning the acknowledgement that it sometimes makes sense for individuals to do Digital Marketing themselves (DIY0. Digital Marketing is a heading an under which there are various specialty promotional arts such as Online Marketing.

What Does this Have to do with a Date Nut Bread Day?

Online Marketing means any marketing that is done online. Whereas Digital Marketing includes marketing that is digital yet not necessarily online such as digital signs and billboards which are usually viewed in an offline or outside environment. Also, Online Marketing can sometimes have the mission to make a difference. Making a difference is something that our friends at “USA Make a Difference” take very seriously.


Passion in Online Marketing

Passion is a word that is used pretty frequently in today’s American culture. Especially now in the Pandemic. Many people have had extra time on their hands to think about things. And my guess is that the concept of “Passion,” is a frequent thought. Such as “What am I passionate about?”

Thinking about passion has lead to a multitude of individuals who have become Home Business Achievers. Whether a side hustle while still employed, or a full time home business, passion is a big part of why these home businesses have been created.

This has also lead to passion about online marketing. People who are very passionate about online marketing tend to be the most successful of the tribe known as Home Business Achievers.