Digital Education

Is it Possible for a Business in Need of Help to Grow their Company at No Cost?

Should you save your pennies?

If it Sounds too Good to be True…

It is correct that if something sounds great, sometimes on deeper examination it could turn out to be not aligned with your goals. This certainly happens to us on occasion. As is the case with many things regarding work and life, it is more important to keep an eye out for educational opportunities.

The Value of Learning

This could be as simple as being mentored by a successful small business, or studying an online video, blog posts or more. Why is this critical? It is because we believe that what you “know” is more valuable than items you own.

Let’s say you had all kinds of valuable stuff, but then it was taken away from you. What would happen?

Well, since you do not “know” how to create wealth, you are left in the lurch. But information is power, and if you have short, fast and effective strategies, you can start at square one, then (in theory) step-by-step build a fortune.

For instance…

…If you were growing your net worth on the Web you would need digital tools that really work. But the question arises whether or not they are too expensive? Not necessarily. There are ways that you can get the online tools you need at little or no cost. How? With being “in the know” and having the right strategies of course.

Businesses in Need of Help

The “Method How” to do all of the described, could involve a project known as, well, “Method How.” At this point it is not clear if there will be action taken with this program to help others. The plan at this point is to provide, at no cost, for businesses in need. Whether this idea is going to be launched we have yet to see.

Digital Education

Is Your Marketing Holistic?

Valentine’s Day is Near

This is that time of year we normally get hit with all kinds of ideas for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. But for many vendors, they are having a harder time getting the word out. For some their usual online marketing strategy is not working as it always has. This could be because as a nation we are distracted by COVID-19 and a country divided. But if you have a message during this time of year that you want to get out, you might want to explore your options.


Do you have a product or service that is available to the public? If so, then you have likely looked around at the various online marketing opportunities there are to get the word out about your ventures.


Some speak of marketing as being a holistic process. Holistic among other things, can be defined as “Something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

Do You Have a Purpose?

The goal of advertising and promotional campaigns is to put together various communication types that are interconnected and each having a purpose to ultimately get a product or service (that solves a problem of some kind) in front of a targeted audience who needs it.

Digital Education

Fat Cat Anyone?

Are you a fat cat?

You are, cool. Now we just have to point you on the path of becoming a billionaire. Well, actually, we are not going to be able to do that in a short email post. But we will say this, we are working on a book that we are unqualified to write about something we know very little about. Sound good? Excellent. We’ve got to get back to writing that eBook, but we will be checking in with you again real soon. And no, we don’t have our fingers crossed behind our back. We truly will be returning in the not so far off future with the goods. Thumbs up Fat Cat!

Digital Education

Online Marketing

The Lead Magnet

One of the most important aspects of online marketing is to do what is best known as “Email Marketing.” There are many ways and setups for doing this kind of marketing, but what we feel is the best is when you offer a free gift to your site visitor in exchange for their email. Usually the free gift is something they can download instantly such as an eBook.

Solve a Problem

Clearly before you start putting this on your website you need to first learn about “How To Do Online Marketing”, most specifically starting with the creation of the eBook. The eBook must be on a topic that your audience demographic needs to solve a problem with. Either a problem of pain your eBook will resolve or solve some kind of need.

Digital Education

Apple for Teacher

Will some kids bring a digital apple for their teachers?

Digital Education

If you’re like most of us, you never brought an apple to your teachers. The act of doing so is one of those longstanding concepts that doesn’t really occur anymore but somehow gets made into something that is widespread and symbolic. But if you really want to bring something to a teacher, the item you might consider bringing is a course for the educator in how to teach in the context of digital education.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

The Digital Classroom

Just as some teachers were getting used to not just lecturing but to also have an interactive aspect to their teaching (per Founding Father Ben) many educators are facing having to start from scratch in their approach to education. They now having to embrace a new way of teaching that takes place in a digital classroom.

A New Educational Website

We bring this up because the website that this post you are reading is on, is known as “How to Do Online Marketing” which is a component in an online course that is currently in the process of being made. Welcome to a new educational website. And don’t forget to bring your digital apple for your teacher!